Green House Cleaning

We provide Eco-friendly house cleaning services in Central Denver.  We pride ourselves on hiring only individuals we would trust cleaning in our own home.  Our 'Greeners' are intelligent, highly trained, and well spoken.  We create a custom cleaning menu designed specifically for your home - whether you need a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly house cleaning!

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Modern Living Tips

  • For aluminum pans that are looking dull, just boil some apple peels in them. This will brighten up the aluminum and make your house smell yummy.

  • Never put citrus fruits or tomatoes in the fridge. The low temperatures degrade the aroma and flavor of these persnickety fruits.

  • To clean crevices and corners in vases and pitchers, fill with water and drop in two Alka-Seltzer tablets. The bubbles will do the scrubbing.

  • Find where ants are coming into your home and draw a line across their path with chalk or cover the hole with petroleum jelly.

  • For a loaf of bread that’s going stale, put a piece of fresh celery in the bag and close it back up. This restores a fresh taste and texture to the bread.

  • Dislodge sticky sap by rubbing on a pat of butter with a cloth or sponge. Wipe until the butter and the sap are gone. No scratches.

  • To take glue from your hands, rub them with butter before washing them down with soap and water. Also, Cover pills with butter to help them go down.

  • Beer rebuilds and repairs damaged hair, working as a conditioner and hair tonic. The proteins from hops and malt give locks a delightful glow.

  • Pour beer on those brown spots in your lawn to help your grass grow. The grass absorbs the nutrients, sugar and energy it needs to be able to grow.

  • Bananas are yellow, but they can help whiten stained teeth. Rub the peel in circular motions all over your teeth everyday for a few minutes.

  • Bananas release gases which cause fruits (including other bananas) to ripen quickly. Separating them will keep them fresh longer.

  • The life of a cut flower is pretty short, even if given proper care. If you add powdered aspirin to the water in the vase, the flower will stay fresh longer.

  • To keep potatoes from budding in the bag, put an apple in with them. Ethylene gas released by the apple will keep any tuber from sprouting.

  • Lubricate a lock rubbing a pencil over the key as if you were coloring it. Then put the key in the lock and move it in and out several times.

Happy Clients

  • The house looked great. I thought “Our Greener” did a really nice job. When am I on the schedule again?

  • “Our Greener” did an incredibly thorough job with great attention to detail. Please pass along our compliments.

  • “Our Greener” did a fantastic job, honestly it’s the best I have ever seen our house in Denver look. She was incredibly thorough and the place just sparkled afterwards!

  • We were so thrilled to have you here last Friday and really appreciate the excellent job The Greeners did on our Denver house.  It seriously looked wonderful!!! And the bathroom looked like it had been repainted the walls were amazing! So please, thank them for all of their hard work.

  • Wow!!! Great job on the house cleaning!  Everything smells so awesome and looks soooo clean. Please tell “Our Greeners” they are the best and I’m proud my house doesn’t stink anymore.

  • My house was sparkling. It was exceedingly amazing to walk into my super clean place after a long trip. The personal note was a nice touch too. (o:

  • “Our Greener” is thorough, detailed, energetic, upbeat, and always so pleasant. We think she is WONDERFUL!!  Best Maid Service in Denver – Hands Down!!

  • What a pleasure to come home to a clean(er) house – how refreshing, literally and figuratively speaking!  I would recommend your Denver house cleaning services to anyone!