As our name suggests, we have been green from day one (2006) and the founders were involved in green cleaning well before Housegreening. The isn’t a trend for us.

  • We are locally owned and locally-driven. You can check out everyone who works for us AND see who we choose as our friends.
  • We operate M-F, 9-5, with the occasional option of weekend work if you need some last-minute help!
  • We’re happy to answer any questions via email or over the phone, but prefer to give estimates in person. We’ve found it starts off our relationship on a personal note, allows us to get acquainted with your home AND gives you the most accurate estimate.
  • We are by no means the cheapest service in town, but our detailed approach to cleaning and our excellent communication skills truly allow you to participate in creating our approach in your home. We have tools and systems in place to ensure you feel the love!
  • We bring everything with us needed to provide service. For special requests, we may ask that you provide the necessary product(s).
  • We use simple solutions based on simple chemistry that was around long before complex compounds were branded, marketed and convinced the public they were necessary to really clean.
  • We make every effort to send the same person to your house each service. If for some reason there is a change, you’ll be notified in advance, giving you the chance to okay it.
  • We respect your time and won’t leave you waiting on us to get on with your day.
  • We are bonded, insured and pride ourselves on quick turnaround time for repairs, should anything ever be broken or damaged.
  • A supervisor assesses your first service personally and, thereafter, we have a process to ensure that initial quality is maintained.
  • We use a web-based payment system to eliminate the paper waste and hassle of writing checks.
  • Never hesitate to ask for something out of the box. We can’t handle everything, but just about.
  • Once you’re a client, we will keep you happy. Tell your friends and get free greening time. We know you have many choices and appreciate your loyalty.

For more about Housegreening, learn more about our ‘Greeners‘ (staff) or read our cleaning blog.