Have we met?

Housegreening wants to know you, your family and your home. We also want you to know who we are. Although HG is all about green, what we are really all about is relationships. We often talk about greeners as a group, but it’s who they are as individuals that makes us what we are. Meet our Greeners. They’ll make you and your home greener.

Jesse Lee Gray and Michael Eck, were the original Greeners. Hailing from Memphis, TN, they came to Denver to change the color of housecleaning. They were full-time Greeners until the end of 2008, when they began focusing on support of Greeners in the field and improving their business. Neither Michael nor Jesse would send a Greener to do a job they wouldn’t do personally and they wouldn’t send a Greener to your home that they wouldn’t leave unsupervised in their own.

Jesse Lee Gray :: Ringmaster

Jesse Lee’s primary passions are language and communication. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with  a B.A. in French and then spent a year in France teaching English. Serendipity led her to green housekeeping in June 2003 and she’s never looked back. At HG, she bears the title “Ringmaster” because she keeps the show moving along and directs attention to the next act.  Currently, she is keeping her finger on the pulse from Boulder and holding down our recently expanded operations there. You might bump into her climbing at The Spot, doing yoga at Om Time, fixing wheels at Community Cycles, catching some open mic poetry or rubbing elbows with other green-minded business folks at Naturally Boulder events.


Michael Eck :: Greening Sensei

While Michael’s experience with professional greening began in 2002, his practice of cleaning goes back to his childhood knack for doing household chores and just being tidy. His experience from a career in publishing and graphic arts keeps our branding and marketing endeavors spinning like a top, but it’s his years of practice in the field with green cleaning that makes Michael so good at what he does for HG. You might bump into him at GreenSpaces in Denver, any variety of networking events around town or see his smiling face at your door to estimate your service. When he’s not speaking with someone about solutions for their home, Michael spends his time re-imagining his backyard and enjoying life with his sons, Killian, Liam and Auden, and his wife, Amy. A little known fact about Michael: he’s an Eagle Scout!


Ella :: Greening Conductor

Ella is grace under fire. Whatever overwhelming situation we throw at her, she always handles with ease. Ella grew up in Kansas City and has lived in Denver for over 17 years. Her background in catering and fine dining management brought her to a change. Ella shifted careers when discovering HG, starting with us in 2009.  In those jobs, she learned to multi-task under high stress, which helps her maneuver so well in the greening world. She now brings over 9 years experience to the service industry. While managing our field operations, Ella also assists and leads our greeners on a daily basis. Her big heart and connection to the clients and greeners always comes shining through in her work and makes you feel personally valued.


Theresa :: Greener / Organizer

To describe Theresa in one word would be impossible. So we’ll use two. Crafty and organized! Her skills are simply amazing. Aside from being a greener, she has her own personal organization business. We refer all of the organization jobs that come through Housegreening to her. Her sense of order is imbued with great style, which you can see as soon as she enters your home. Her dedication to “clean” living is evident as she pedals around town on her bike (no car here!) spreading her brand of stylish order to all of her clients.


Ashley :: Greener

Ashley found us on the Colorado Local First website a few years ago. She was interested in learning a new way to clean with natural products. Ashley has completed her Bachelor of Science from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. She is currently attending Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver. Ashley has awareness to health issues and has the education to help make a difference. Her volunteer history includes building housing in Mexico with Amor Ministries, and supervising little ones at Springhill Youth Camps. Ashley enjoys summer time with her dogs, hiking, yoga, and cooking. Her favorite essential oils are Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Lavender.


Dierdra :: Greener

Dierdra has a love for art, teaching, and animals. She graduated in 2010 from New York Academy of Art, with a Masters degree in Fine Arts (with honors). She majored in painting and is very talented. She started at Housegreening seeking work that was not behind a desk. She enjoys being in the field and active while working. When Dierdra isn’t out making your house shine, she does human and animal portrait commissions. She also currently volunteers at the MaxFund and has previously volunteered in the membership department at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. Her favorite essential  oil is Lavender.


Holland :: Greener / Trainer

She’s got country girl values! Coming to us from Texas, Holland has a loving, wonderful personality. She loves helping families keep their homes tidy and clean without harming the environment. Holland completed her Bachelors of Science degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2003. Her passions and hobbies include music, hiking, camping and skiing. She has volunteered at Children’s Health Clinics, and plans on working with animals in shelters in the future. Her favorite essential oils are Chamomile, Patchouli, and Lemongrass. Her favorite product is Citra Solv because it leaves your house smelling so fresh!


William :: Greener / Trainer

William is currently a student at Metropolitan State University of Denver. While finishing his education, he wanted to work with a company that cares and helps others. He has a passion for traveling and medical mission work, specifically in Romania! It is something he shares with his father and it is a very special trip they take every year. He has also volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Involvement. His favorite tool is the scrapper. Its crisp edge made from polypropylene prevents any damage when removing sticky food from countertops!


Stephen :: Greener

Stephen came to the HG family seeking change.  Originating in the thick oak forests of North Texas, with deep roots in the limestone filled hills of the Middle South he has chosen Denver as his home and inspiration for life.  Although Stephen’s passions lie in music and the arts, he finds peace and satisfaction in helping others keep their homes tidied up and spotless. He is thoughtful, resourceful, confident, and versatile. His knack for cleaning and subconscious need to be organized will also help him as he pursues a second degree in Business, at Metropolitan State University. When he’s not cleaning or studying, he enjoys reading, live music and snowboarding. Stephen’s desire to learn and better his way of life plays an imperative role in his success at Housegreening. 



Contact us immediately if you’re looking to be a greener!  We often have a waiting list, so the sooner you contact us the better.  We want this page to grow!