2006 Owners Jesse Lee & Michael wanted:

  • personal authenticity in the work place,
  • to feel good about the kind of work they were doing,
  • to earn a reasonable living, doing just that.

Today HG extends those values to everyone involved in the company. In short, we started as a triple-bottom line (people, planet, profit) company and will keep that 3-part accountability as long as we operate.


Our continued success is thanks to our willingness to listen and propose dynamic solutions. Feedback is not only heard, but action will always be taken. This approach pays off exponentially, turning our workplace into a community. Greeners feel a part of something and like their work. Thus they take care of you with the same love that Michael and Jesse would.


  • Our solutions are nontoxic and biodegradable (reduces negative footprint)
  • We re-use bottles and containers whenever possible (reduces packaging waste)
  • We use cloth baby diapers instead of paper products (reduces paper waste)
  • Dyson vacuums: bag-less with a washable filter (less stuff to buy/ throw away)
  • We buy cleaning ingredients in bulk whenever possible (reduces packaging waste)
  • The average greener works a 10-mile radius of their homes (reduces carbon footprint)
  • We favor local goods & services over national chains (reduces carbon footprint)


We are definitely a for-profit company, but what comes around goes around! Supporting locally-owned businesses not only saves gas, but also:

  • has a direct positive impact on our local economy.
  • creates connections and builds community credit
  • provides a unique experience that is priceless

The triple-bottom line also effects how we spend our money internally and what we do with our profits.

  • 50% of our revenue goes to paying our greeners.
  • Cleaning for a Reason:  we donate up to 8 hours of greening per month to women undergoing cancer treatment.
  • For 2013:  1% of our profits us will turn into donations of time or money to local non-profits  More details to come!