Be a greener!

The Greener is in our logo for a reason. She represents all the green cleaners we work with. She is unique. She is making a difference. She feels valued. All while becoming a better communicator and more professional.

We offer meaningful work that helps people and builds relationships. What makes both our Greeners and clients happy? Healthy, clear communication. We clean houses, but what we really provide is a healthy, yummy-smelling, stress-free environment for our clients. Greeners get to work in that environment while making a difference in people's lives and on our planet. Our Greeners tell us it's the best job they've ever had.

We are always looking for new Greeners to help us take care of our growing list of clients. What we offer is perfect for students, artists, musicians, activists, single moms or anyone highly motivated and looking for work that is a little outside the box.

MUST have an insured vehicle, cell phone, regular Internet access, and a strong work ethic. Having a smart phone is a plus.

Please also attach your resume in PDF, DOC, DOCX or TXT format.

We look forward to greening with you!

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