Do you know what’s in that bottle of blue stuff under your sink?
No one really seems to except the companies that make them. You can get access to that information, but they make it hard to get and even harder to understand.

Seemingly benign products that can cause possible health problems:

  • Glass cleaners (ammonia) –> headaches and lung irritation.
  • Disinfectants (phenol and cresol)—> dizziness and fainting.
  • Scrubbing agents (bleach) –> eye, skin, lung irritation.
  • Wood polishes (nitrobenzene)–> reproductive toxin, shortness of breath and nausea.

Did you know that combinations of these ingredients can produce effects more toxic than the originals? i.e. ammonia + bleach = chlorine gas = permanent lung damage

Let us help all of the bad stuff safely disappear from your home and replace it with simple, safe solutions that’ll do the same job without the harmful side-effects. Then, we can teach you how to use them effectively.

What’s included?

PART ONE: Survey of the house and clarification of scope.

Approximately time: 30 mins

PART TWO: Research: to ensure we have the most accurate info on the chemicals we find in your home.

Report compiled and emailed to you, complete with safe alternatives.

Turnaround time: one week.

PART THREE: 2nd in-home visit

Removal of toxic cleaners + their safe disposal.

Education: go through the emailed report.

Hands on instruction about DIY solutions and methods.

Approximate time frame: 1-2 hours