Greening Tools

Here’s a list of the basic tools that you’ll need to use the recipes that follow. We’ve provided links to some products we recommend. If you can source them locally, you get extra green points!


  • Reuse your toothbrushes for detailing nooks and crannies.
  • For tough grime, Full Circle makes a great line of brushes made from bamboo with natural and recycled plastic bristles.

Microfiber Cloths:

  • Won’t scratch delicate surfaces (e.g. flat screen tvs)
  • Reduce water usage, cleaning solutions, and thoroughly remove dust
  • Generally made of synthetics, but last years!
  • Twist makes a bamboo version. (local and green!)

Mixing Tools: funnels, buckets, eyedropper, cups, containers with lids.

  • Re-purpose take-out containers, food jars and yogurt tubs!
  • If buying new, we recommend the Container Store for it’s variety of shapes and sizes. Not the greenest place to buy, but you ARE reducing waste by re-using.


  • Reuse old bath and dish towels
  • If buying new, get cloth baby diapers. They are soft, durable and versatile.
  • They can be found in various sizes and prices and are well worth the investment.


  • Ones that have a scrubby side are most versatile.
  • We recommend: the whole line by Twist (local and plant-based) and Natural Value, particularly the walnut shell scrubby sponge.

Spray Bottles:

  • Buy new spray bottles; then there’s no concern about new mixtures combining badly with old residue. Once bought, reuse!
  • We suggest these (betty mills) The sprayers last the longest of any we’ve tried!


  • Bagless to reduce waste & hepa-filter to improve your indoor air quality
  • We recommend:
    a refurbished (cheaper w/ same warranty) Dyson DC14
    a new DC33.
    all Dysons have a washable filter, which further reduces waste!

If you are have questions about the tools we use, or would like more information about our services please call us 720-514-4005